How it all started

Lohause is an eyewear brand founded in 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal.

It all started in 2019 when childhood friends Guilherme Gomes and Manuel Silva traveled to London. They were fascinated by the eyewear boutiques in the Mayfair area. The glasses had a retro design and were incredibly well-built. It was the foundation for lohause birth.

The Concept

Manuel and Guilherme realized that many artists, politicians, and writers used their glasses as a distinctive element of their brand image. From Winston Churchill to Andy Warhol. Each of our pieces is born as a tribute to these fascinating personalities.

100% handmade soap bar

Our Products

We build our frames with the best materials to ensure they will last a lifetime. Instead of using plastic or other inexpensive materials, we chose to craft our frames from Mazzucchelli Cellulose Acetate. Strong, durable and flexible acetate is considered the ultimate material for high quality glasses. 

Mazzuchelli 1849 is an acetate manufacturer based in Casitglione Olona, Italy. It is a family owned business running for 6 generations and one of the most respected names in the industry due to its superior quality and heritage. At Lohause we only use Mazzucchelli acetate. We ensure your new frames are crafted from the best materials and will meet your expectations.

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